The following terms are designed to protect the intellectual property we have created in the course of our efforts and we ask all those registering for licences to accept them. If you have any questions or concerns please contact helpdesk@housingnet.co.uk and we will endeavour to help.
  1. These terms constitute the agreement between HousingNet Ltd., and licence holders of the HousingNet Data service regarding the use and dissemination of HousingNet Data.
  2. HousingNet Data is data and information about organisations and contacts working within these organisations and is made available to licence holders for the period of their licence. HousingNet Data is collated from various sources by HousingNet Ltd. and remains the intellectual property of HousingNet Ltd. at all times.
  3. A licence is granted to an individual considered to be acting on behalf of a Company or on his/her own behalf. The individual holding the licence asserts that the information provided to HousingNet Ltd. when applying for the licence is truthful and accurate in regards both to the details about the individual and about any Company.
  4. Licence holders agree to limit the use of HousingNet Data for:
    • use as contact lists for sales/marketing campaigns; and/or
    • academic or market research purposes.
  5. Licence holders agree not to copy or distribute any data received from HousingNet outside of the organisation holding the licence. This includes the understanding that marketing agencies wishing to use HousingNet Data on behalf of their clients should ensure that an appropriate, separate licence is purchased for each client.
  6. It takes a huge amount of effort to collect the data and to keep it up to data and as such we need to protect our investment from people not playing fairly and sharing login details. We are not bothered about the odd one or two times over the year but systematic abuse can result in the whole licence being cancelled with no refund. If you need other licences / users just talk to us.
  7. Free Trial Licence Holders agree not to copy, export or distribute any data from HousingNet during the trial period.
  8. Licence holders should take reasonable precautions against HousingNet Data being copied by third parties; these include explicitly ensuring that third parties using HousingNet Data on behalf of the licence holders agree to limit their use of the data to that in support of the licence holders or his/her company.
  9. HousingNet Data is provided on the understanding that HousingNet Ltd. underwrites neither the completeness not accuracy of the data provided.
  10. Licence holders acknowledge that HousingNet Ltd. will take action - including the possibility of legal action - against anyone, including licence holders, contravening any of these terms. HousingNet Ltd. will consider the licence holders responsible for breaches of these terms by Third Parties who have received HousingNet Data from the licence holders.
  11. These terms are deemed to have been agreed under the jurisdiction and laws of England and Wales.