• <b>1. Welcome to HousingNet</b> – registered users access the site via the control panel. If you’ve already seen enough and are itching to register <a style="text-decoration: underline;color: #44d581;" href="/register/data_package_comparison" alt="" target="_blank">just click here</a>. We offer a free licence to access all our Housing Association Business Intelligence and benchmarking information, housing stock map analysis and UK housing data. We also sell premium licences for Tender & Contract data, advanced business intelligence and a UK Planning Application database and analysis.</p>
  • <b>2. Housing Organisation Data Pages</b> – Every Housing Organisation and Stock Holding Local Authority has a dedicated page containing detailed information. We include contact and address, Senior Management, Group Structure, Financial and Housing Stock data (type, location, movement and value), satisfaction, comparison data against other organisations, links to reports and news/PR statistics. Tenders, Contractors / Suppliers and Planning data are also included depending on your level of access. <a style="text-decoration: underline;color: #44d581;" href="/housing/uk/Riverside/2726/overview" target="_blank" alt="">Click here to view an unlocked example.</a>
  • <b>3. Homes Data</b> – Clicking on the map will zoom into a Ward and display Land Registry title data as purple markers. The left panel lists Housing Organisations and data from the Statistical Data Return (SDR) – Homes Owned & Managed and Land Registry data (LRD) – by Ward. The percentage of the total stock (LRD) owned by each organisation in the selected Ward is shown in green. Hovering over a marker will display further information and clicking on the marker will open the property in Street View.
  • <b>4. Highlighting stock </b> – If Land Registry Data is available for an organisation a purple circle will appear by its name. 1. Select the figure in the Ward column to highlight the organisation markers on the map. All other markers will change to grey. 2. Click on the Name to show all the titles registered to the organisation on the map.
  • <b>5. Land Registry Title Data</b> – when an individual organisation (with LRD) is selected the markers will change colour depending on the type of title they represent. The data in the left panel will show a comparison between Land Registry data and the SDR in each Local Authority they work in. Please note that the SDR contains ‘Homes’ only but LRD has all registered titles. A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen which will load all the information we have on the selected organisation – more about that later.
  • <b>6. Open Data Layers: Flood Alert Areas</b> – By selecting Flood Alert Areas – in the Layers panel - purple markers will turn to red to highlight properties in potential flood plains.
  • <b>7. Open Data Layers: Green Belt and Brownfield</b> – All Open Data on HousingNet is the most recent available
  • <b>8. Data Bank</b> – We compile the data we collect in to tables for analysis and these include Turnover, Chief Executive Pay, Responsive Repair Satisfaction: Housing Associations & Contractors / Suppliers, Overall Satisfaction (Services), Overall Satisfaction (Homes), Housing Stock, Housing Stock by Area Housing Stock by Ward, Solicitors, Auditors & News.
  • <b>9. Export Data</b> – The Export Panel enables users to download information on the site. The sections include Areas, Responsibilities, Types of Organisation, ‘Relationships’ (for organisations in a group structure), Contact & Social Media, Housing Stock Data, People & Structure and Finance data. Data is exported to spreadsheets.
  • <b>10. Land Registry Title Search</b> – Due to recent changes in the licensing agreement we have with Land Registry we are now able to make the whole corporate National Data Set available to search online for registered users. This includes 13.6M titles owned by: County Councils, Housing Associations/Societies, Industrial and Provident Societies, Limited Companies or Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Local Authorities, Unlimited Companies, Co-Operative Societies, Community Benefit Societies and Registered Societies.
  • <b>11. The HousingNet Library</b> – We have been cataloguing every report collected over the past 6 years as part of our news harvesting operation and now have them online in a searchable database.<br><br>That’s all folks. <a style="text-decoration: underline;color: #44d581;" href="/user_guide/" alt="">Click here to go back to the beginning</a>, <a style="text-decoration: underline;color: #44d581;" href="/register/data_package_comparison" target="_blank" alt="">click here for prices and registration</a> or <a style="text-decoration: underline;color: #44d581;" href="mailto:helpdesk@housingnet.co.uk" alt="">email</a> for anything else. Thank you for visiting.
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