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Rents are value for money - say tenants

Tuesday 13th March 2012
In times of austerity, when budgets are tight and every penny counts, it's important that housing associations continue to help and support those in the most need.

Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) has been doing just this across the East Midlands for nearly 40 years. In their recent tenant satisfaction survey this was confirmed by 86% of the tenants surveyed stating that they are satisfied that their rent represents good value for money (up from 77% in 2009).

This significant increase is also matched by a 91% tenant satisfaction rating on NCHA's overall service - another increase on the 88.5% result from 2009.

In common with other housing associations, NCHA commissions a comprehensive tenant satisfaction survey every two years. The results ensure that NCHA can monitor the quality of its services and address any problem areas.

Denise Maguire, one of NCHA's Board members, is a NCHA tenant in Nottingham and is delighted with the positive feedback from fellow tenants:

"I see these results as proof that NCHA is working hard to deliver efficient services at a high standard and all for the benefit of our tenants. The latest results show yet another year when tenant satisfaction ratings have improved, and as one of NCHA's tenants it's very important to me that my rent remains affordable and I receive great services from my landlord."

NCHA's Direct Maintenance Service also performed well with 87% of tenants surveyed satisfied with the way NCHA deals with repairs and maintenance, up from 83% in 2009.

Full results of the NCHA STAR Survey 2011 can be found by clicking on the link below.
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