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Dales Housing is looking very healthy!

Thursday 15th March 2012
Two years of hard work, testing and challenging the way the organisation works has paid off for Dales Housing which has just received a clean bill of health from an independent external inspection.

The 'health check' highlighted the cultural changes that have been implemented throughout the organisation in the past two years.

Dales Housing staff, contractors and customers were interviewed as part of the health check.

A group of contractors agreed that Dales Housing is 'more focussed than any other housing provider they work with, their service is second to none'.

Work to improve the access rate for the annual gas inspection required for all their 3,500 homes across Derbyshire Dales prompted their gas contractor to say: "The quality of work demanded by Dales Housing is so high that we have had to improve to meet it and as a result we are picking up on private sector business on tenant's recommendations."

The inspector also said: "There is clear evidence of a real focus on responding to customers and providing excellent services - the organisation's mission and values have clearly been taken to heart by staff."

Dales Housing's Executive Director Jacque Allen says: "The last two years have been busy. We set out with the clear determination to continually improve so that we can effectively meet the internal and external challenges, deliver excellent services to customers and ensure staff feel valued and understand the organisation's vision.

"The health check, along with our other external recognition, Investors in Excellence re-accreditation in 2011, strongly demonstrates that Dales Housing is an ambitious organisation, which has a culture of continuous improvement and, most importantly, puts customers at the heart of everything we do.

"I am enormously proud of all our staff at Dales Housing. It is because of their hard work and commitment that we have achieved a business transformation to be proud of.

"A great deal of effort has gone into staff communications and providing access to the organisation's decision makers. Staff are telling us that they get clear direction and expectation.
"The inspector also recognised that there is a clear understanding of the role of the Board of Dales Housing. The members he met had a keen desire to provide excellent services and synergy with the corporate plan objectives."

The health check also identified that Dales Housing has:

• Created a customer focused culture
• Put in place an infrastructure to support excellence and consistency
• Ensured every staff member has ready access to the Executive Director
• Wide engagement with local community and residents, with excellent customer results
• Extensive range of staff communication routes
• Transparency and accountability to performance
• Valued, involved and informed staff
• An active and equal role in partnership working
• Implemented a new Customer IT system; holds a range of customer data for 99% of tenants and introduced a suite of customer performance measures that are demonstrating excellence performance
• Local Promises, clearly influenced by tenants
• Improved IT providing useful and easily accessible information
• Appointed a new contractor to deliver decent homes work, significantly improving delivery of the programme
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